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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday Show

Well, we had a 50/50 day. Of course, our winning 50% was spectacular.

First, Oscar competed (it was a 4 point major for the dogs) against some exceptional dogs. Actually, the dog that took Winner's Dog (Greesons Even Mo Betta)was very nice, I thought. Os did okay. Better than his handler (me!).

Chocolate, the winning half of the 50/50 split, did fabulously, overcoming her ridiculously nervous handler to take Winner's Bitch. When we returned to the ring for Best of Winner's, not only did she earn that, but she took Best of Opposite to Southport Sherman's Best of Breed (who, incidentally, went on to win Best in Show). Sherman, to those who might not know, is the current #1 mastiff in the country and the top winning mastiff of all time. Chocolate, in taking Best of Winners, took a "crossover"--she earned a 4 point major since she won over the Winners Dog. So she has her two majors out of the way and now just needs 7 points to complete her championship.

The poor babies are sleeping right now, getting their beauty sleep so we can try again tomorrow. Hopefully another major and another crossover win for my Chocodiva!