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Sunday, August 27, 2006

And Sunday's Show

Wow, what a weekend. We picked up our remaining 50%!

Yesterday I met a professional handler by the name of Gary Sheetz. I arrived at the show early today in the hopes of speaking with him regarding Oscar. Gary loved Oscar. And the feeling was very much returned, I could tell. Os immediately adored him. We talked at length and then agreed that he would take Os in today. And what a spectacular debut they made. Os looked like he was having a ball and moved beautifully, greeted the judge like he was the man's new best friend, and over all simply ruled the ring. They were a magnificent team and the judge obviously appreciated it. Os won his class and then went on to take Winner's Dog and then Best of Winners. He earned a 3 point major, which puts him one tiny little point away from being a champion.

And to top off a great weekend, Os's little niece, Roxie, took Winner's Bitch. How's that for keeping it in the family?