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Monday, June 04, 2007

Ginni's New Name

Ginni lasted less than 24 hours, I'm just very late in updating!

Her name is now Mirra. Her registered name is a secret from He Who Knows Not and so can't be listed here for a while. But check back, just in case!

Beautiful Mirra is living with my dear friend Sandra McCurry and we have decided to co-own her together. This was a difficult decision, but in Mirra's best interest as I am simply not home enough at the moment to care for her like she needs.

She adores her new family and plays with her Uncle Niles and Auntie Roxi (who is really a cousin!) to her heart's content and runs Sandra ragged with her theatrics. She truly is her father's daughter!

Everytime I see her, I'm amazed. She looks just like Morrigan and has such fantastic bone! One thing I can say for Oscar, he can sure pass along his Momma's genes with style.