Oscar and the Chocodiva

Online home for Oscar and the ChocoDiva or, to be precise, the online home for Morrigan's Cu mac Shimidh and Morrigan's Godiva.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

.....But You Can Still Call Her The ChocoDiva

Yep, she did it! Won today over a very pretty little girl named Callisto. She won Winner's Bitch under Dr. Bill Newman, who as he told me today, loves the breed.

It was a rather pitiful set of shows, but in the end, Chocolate earned her championship, so I won't whine too much. But let me just say that never have I seen so many absentees. We got this by the skin of our teeth. Thank goodness she had three majors coming in.

And so the pretty girl known as the ChocoDiva, Chocobaby and her highness the Princess Goober has added CH Morrigan's Godiva to the list of names to which she will respond. If she feels like it.