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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Chocolate's Getting Ready for You Know What!

So the ChocoDiva went to the vet today. She was very excited to go for a car ride--she actually enjoys them these days. And she hopped out of the car when we arrived without any worry, too, which as everyone remembers, was not the case when she first came home.

All that said, when we actually walked into the vet's office, she all of a sudden remembered that she didn't like it here too much. And the place was hopping with oodles of little dogs and one rather snippity black shepherd who needed an attitude adjustment--or a new mama. But I digress...

So she had her blood drawn for her thyroid and other assorted testing and we worked out the forms and labs to get her the proper certifications. It was very exciting for me, even though little Chocobaby would have preferred to be anywhere but there. But we're actually moving along toward baby-makin' time and I can't wait.

One thing that always impresses me, though never surprises me is this: Even though she really didn't want to be there, even though they stuck a needle in her leg, lost that vein and had to stick her again in her other leg, even though she had to stand on this icky moving table on which she barely fit, she didn't make a single protest. Never had to be restrained in any way and was a lady--no, a Diva--the entire time.