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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Only Two Points To Go!

So Chocolate had an excellent weekend, as well. Her only defeat came her first day out, Friday, and it was a loss to her little niece, Rox aka Morrigan's Roxi Gives A Lickin. Chocolate did win Reserve and we really couldn't begrudge Roxi her win since she went on to take Best of Winners, thus earning her last major and her championship.

However, on Saturday and Sunday, Chocolate seemed to win rather handily, but the handily part is probably just me getting cocky :)

She did well, seeming to handle the ringside atmosphere better every time we get out. I could wish she had the outgoing personality of her brother Oscar, but then she rests her head in my lap with her easygoing sweetness at the forefront, and I think, how could I want her to be anything different? Chocolate is the epitome of excellence in the Mastiff. She has undergone more than most humans could bear and yet has maintained not only a strength of character and strength of body, but a loving disposition that makes you want to cuddle her all the time. Which goes back to her favorite pastime and the reason she prefers home to shows--more cuddle time at home.

Her pictures are not spectacular and I did let her down a bit on my promise to do better this time. The best one is of her and Oscar together, but the scan is not coming out right, so I'll have to add it later.

Since her stacking is deplorable in the above photo, I feel the need to say that it really is all my fault, as Chocolate is perfect. Really, she is. Her leg doesn't stick out at that odd angle unless I make it do so! She looks like she's getting ready to make a break for it! Yeah, yeah, she says, I know I'm gorgeous, but enough with the photographs already!