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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Chocolate News

Chocolate had an adventure last week. I wanted to test the waters as far as taking her out as a special. And recognizing that I am a very novice handler, decided to hire Gary Sheetz. The plan was to meet him at the Greenville shows and pass Chocolate to him so she could spend some time with him and then show in Valdosta and Tallahassee the following weekend.

Fate interfered, but Chocolate did finally make it down to Gary in Valdosta. I wasn't able to be there until Sunday. There were only 4 specials present: Chocolate, a male I didn't get the name of, Balou and Honey. At the moment, Balou is the #1 mastiff in the country and while Honey is not ranked at the moment, she finished 2006 as the #4 mastiff and #1 bitch in the country. Honey also went BOS to her littermate Ivan at Westminster and also the Eukanuba show, I believe. In other words, she's hard to beat at the moment.

I drove down to Tallahassee Sunday morning to be at ringside by 8:30am and see my girl strut her stuff. This was Chocolate's very first time traveling without me or Jim. Her first time away from home for any length of time, and she was away a week. When I reached the ring, I avoided Chocolate and managed to keep her from noticing me. Gary played with her and did everything he could to make being in the ring fun, and while Choc didn't look like it was her favorite place to be, she wasn't miserable by any means.

But she didn't win. I'm told that on Friday, the judge gave her a serious look, looking at her and Honey closely before giving it to Honey.

That said, Chocolate looked fabulous. It was quite an amazing feeling to watch her circle the ring since until then I'd always handled her. She went around with a loose lead, head high, her gait perfect. She has the best top line, the prettiest feminine head. Absolutely exquisite, even if I do say so myself!

She is going to make some beautiful puppies.