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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Since I had the camera out....

This was also taken in the early hours this morning, but doesn't he look great? He's sitting at the top of the stairs that lead into the top of my backyard while I'm sitting on one of the lower stairs (I think!) and obviously, he's looking down. But this is Ginni's proud Papa, Oscar.
I think they are both looking at Ginni, but don' they look beautiful? I wish I knew how to get rid of Oscar's alien eyes, but I still like the picture.And lastly, but certainly not least, her highness the Princess Goober. I took this picture, believe it or not, while Ginni was sitting in my lap. Chocolate found this fascinating and watched us very carefully. Since I never seem to get pictures of her that have her ears even a little up, I quickly snapped this shot over the wiggling puppy.